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TwinCop is an action-packed cooperative twin-stick shooter with a retro vibe. You and a friend are TwinCop: one player controls the right arm, the other controls the left arm, and both of you control the feet. Synchronize your movements to heal and unleash TWINSANITY on the hordes of henchmen, pseudo soldiers, and cheeseheads that are threatening the streets of the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.Customize Your CopGet started by selecting your half of TwinCop by using our patented Cop-O-Matic. Choose one of the eight most elite members of the Minneapolis/St. Paul police force, and customize their skin color. Then head out onto the streets and start fighting. Work TogetherMove in the same direction as your partner to heal and charge up TWINSANITY, your super-charged ability that slows down time, heals you, and allows you to rain lead on miscreants. Diffuse Bombs!Then take your skills to the next level by working together to diffuse bombs: cut the right wire and live, cut the wrong one and it's game over. It's a BLAST!You and your partner were the best cops in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area until a horrific pontoon boat accident nearly killed you both. Your mangled bodies were then recovered, and using the most advanced science, were combined into one super-cop: TWINCOP. It's your first day back on the force, and a call over the radio informs you that gangs of Packers fans are attacking bodegas and convenience stores throughout the city. You head out to investigate and quickly draw their attention. Now it's a fight for survival, but you can't help shaking the did they get rocket launchers? Why convenience stores? This mystery gets deeper. . .way deeper. . . Special Abilities!The TwinCop Program had near unlimited funding and was able to equip each participant with special skills, which we will implement. Skills like Dr. Fist's TurboPunch, a grappling hook, or a very slippery mackerel.More Bosses!We are expanding TwinCop into a 3 chapter mystery, each chapter with unique environments and more importantly, unique bosses. Like Pontoon boss over here. Arcade Mode!Once you save the city and complete the story mode, take your skills to the infinite arcade mode to earn the highest score and a cold, refreshing Pop-Top. Mmmm, Pop-Top: the pop that can't be stopped. Minnesota's favorite Pop. I think I'll have one right now.

Platform PC Mac
Genre Action Shooter Arcade
Languages English

Finite Reflection


RedhaDNCR - 5 months ago

Looks Nice!!!

Rysiek CSGODUCK.COM - 1 year ago

Looks good with that 90' style I like it

Madnesis - 1 year ago

Looks nice/fun!

[Ger]Serious Award [GG] - 1 year ago

I think it is very good but its so 90´s style but a yes for it.

❤ღVIXXENღ❤ - 1 year ago

F***k this sh*t

Sunday - 1 year ago

look very bad and that music... ;c

fausto90 - 1 year ago

Sembra bello!!!!

HeinzJohann - 1 year ago

I'm Feeling Back In 80s-90s Arcade Game Always Great, Keep It Up Nice Concept

DARKKKIS - 1 year ago


Awsum bella <3 - 1 year ago

Finally another good retro arcade video game ? I'd like to see this game published on Steam

troll_lol - 1 year ago

Reflexiòn finita chevere

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TwinCop is an action-packed cooperative twin-stick shooter with a retro vib...

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