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Trainpunk Run

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Beautiful, fun and cheap! Lot of fun in a steampunk ambientation! Fly, shoot and scape the death line! Up your level Catch and send fly-post Amazing endless runner with lot of levels!Do you want a Trainpunk to fly?About Trainpunk Run Endless runner in a high-flying adventure in steampunk ambientation. You're Ryana, a Militar Postwoman, and you have to catch cards and send it while you're flying. You'll start off with the Yellow Trainpunk, but throughout each game you'll collect coins. When you send more cards you up your level and unblock more worlds with a lot of fun. KEYBOARD CONTROLSW => AscendSpace => ShootV => Turbo*There's controller controls too! If you send message you will up your level and the other amazing worlds will be open. You can use POWER UPS to help. There are misil or laser shot mode!Be careful, the DEATH LINE can catch you and kill you! You can use your TURBO button to scape!Suit up with a selection of the coolest Trainpunks ever made, obtain the best to defeat the Mechanical Eyes and Giant Gears and improve your level to unlock more Clothes and Trainpunk pieces.The first of the JellyWold Interactive company, a game for PC, Mac and LINUX with huge fun! LIKE TRAINPUNK GAME ON FACEBOOK! WEBSITEwww.jellyworldinteractive.comGAME AND SOFTWARE © 2016-2017 JELLYWORLD INTERACTIVE

Platform PC Mac Linux
Genre Casual Arcade
Languages English Spanish



✪ Twaira ✪ - 1 year ago

nice game ^^

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Trainpunk Run

Beautiful, fun and cheap! Lot of fun in a steampunk ambientation! Fly, sho...

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