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Nightmare at the lighthouse

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The game will take you to an unknown island as you assume the role of a young ingenious mechanic traveling there in order to repair an old malfunctioning lighthouse, but that however would not be as easy as one would assume. Things aren't always as they seem at first and looks can be quite deceiving and so the player will soon end up trapped inside this horrifying cage of suspense with almost no hope of ever escaping it. You must do whatever it takes in order to survive this hellish, grotesque prison you are trapped within lest you become the next victim of the dangerous creatures inhabiting this horrifying island. You will have to remember, however that trying to survive the monsters’ ambushes and attacks may be of course the player’s primary objective, but even more importance should be placed on finding a way out of the cursed land before the player’s time finally runs out.

Platform PC
Genre Adventure Horror
Languages English



LeonSk | - 9 months ago

Well this Game is Horror Game and it's awesome to see Games like This Because i like horror games but this one is deffrent from the other's i really Really wanna test the Game and do a Revw about it !! - 11 months ago

Not bad game.I am interested?

Vlajano | - 1 year ago

I like to play adventure - and especially horror adventure ? ...

seVen? - 1 year ago

I like horrors! With guns? No problem! :) 0,99$

hV.NoXiZi - 1 year ago


Awsum bella <3 - 1 year ago

This could be a good PC horror game, just sell it for a cheap price like 1$ for a copy.

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Nightmare at the lighthouse

The game will take you to an unknown island as you assume the role of a you...

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