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Private, our army needs you!


The enemy is at our door and we must destroy him before he'll do same to us! Stop staring and clapping your eyes, private! Get your ♥♥♥♥ to the aircraft! Move!

Moth-o-War - is a pain. The pain you'll bring to everyone you meet on the your way. You are the best pilot. You are the Ace. You are the Killing machine. And our's last hope!

Moth-o-War - is about aircrafts. A whole fleet of aircrafts, ranging from newbie old-crook-style to completely out-of-this-world, such as UFO. Ever wanted to be a test pilot? Then this game is for you!

Moth-o-War - it about customization. Manage your aircraft as you will! Do you love speed or slow and accurate maneuvers? Use custom engines for your personal gaming style! Do you want to kill enemies in rows? No problem with that, get your minigun installed then! Homing missiles? You name it!High-end technologies? Drones are at your disposal! And lots of other stuff!

Moth-o-War - is about style. Get your own unique and stylish skins. A lot of beautiful, stylish and fun liveries are available.

Moth-o-War - is an evolution. Complete missions to open a new aircrafts, liveries, weapons and new game styles!

Moth-o-War - is universal. Do you play on PC? The keyboard to control is for your disposal! Do you play on XBox? XBox360 gamepad is supported. It will replace your the steering wheel!

That's all, for now, private. Briefing is over! Dismissed!

System requirementsOS: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10, MacOS X RAM: 512 MB DirectX: Version 9.0 Minimum HDD free space: 500 MB

Made by @goonswarm

Platform PC Mac Linux
Genre Action Simulation Shooter Platformer Arcade
Languages  English French Korean Russian Simplified Chinese



bft_chromeguy - 1 year ago

i must play this

am1goo (owner) - 1 year ago

Thx, guys. We will make it even better!

headcrap - 1 year ago

Nice game, upvoted here and on greenlight ?

Diablo - 1 year ago

me gusta

pcliviu - 1 year ago


hackfrag - 1 year ago

First game on orlyaccess :) Game looks promising!

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Private, our army needs you! The enemy is at our door and we must destroy h...

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