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Gun Road

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All the authorities gone after the Event. Your world almost collapsed. But if you have a big gun - you have a chance. Is your gun big enough to survive or even to conquer the state? You'll never know if you will not try. Grab some gasoline and ride the road!What is it?Gun Road is a top-down action with RPG-elements in a post-apocalyptic world. You will ride your vehicle through the living world trying to find your destiny, fighting enemies, trading stuff, helping (or betraying, meh) people. It's like a road movie with your own scenario.Features?Vehicles with different chassis (wheels, tracks, hovers, etc) and it's not just cosmetic featureBig living world with no prescripted events - you can accidently turn the story to the opposite sideNo stupid grinding quests!No inflicted playstyle, no formal good/evil choises - just kill them all do what you want Country divided by different factions and you can make fun of this - helping, killing, betraying or even ruling some of themOnline co-op missionsWell, why so.....stupid feature / cheap graphics / bad english?Well, because we've started development not so far ago but we want to show our game on the very early stage to gain feedback. You opinion is realy matters!Who are the authors?We are 'Bread Games' indie studio. At the moment there are just two of us. We have huge background in commercial gamedevelopment but now we want to make our indie game (and with no pixelart at all!)

Platform PC
Genre Action RPG Racing Arcade
Languages English Russian



AstraunautKitten - 1 year ago

look a very good game hope i can get it :)

Karl Savant™ - 1 year ago

Looks very promising. I can't wait to see how it progresses. I don't give my endorsment lightly.

✌☣ MeowMax ✌☣ - 1 year ago

Good Game !

BELONGPLAY - 1 year ago

Great game!

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Gun Road

All the authorities gone after the Event. Your world almost collapsed. But....

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