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DepthMera is a randomly generated action 2D platform shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. You start the adventure near a ruined house this is your home !! Yes Yes With all the things you love and normal do of course are not so good Only after a deep journey into your inner depth You begin to design and discover a new and fascinating world And of course as you progress more so the world around becomes more beautifulIn the game you pass through a maze of rooms that every time changes the monsters that are there.Find lots of items that give you special abilities.Fighting all the bosses.And of course add the pictures that change the world outside.

Platform PC Mac
Genre Action Casual Platformer
Languages English



Devos (owner) - 1 year ago

Cyber_DemiGod Yes wish i had better skills :)

Cyber_DemiGod - 1 year ago

Are these graphics in the video placeholders, are are they end of product examples?

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DepthMera is Action 2D Platform shooter with heavy Rog...

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