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Demolition Sheep

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Demolition Sheep is an Adventure/Action/RPG real-time multiplayer game with 2D graphics, true physics and the procedurally generated world.

A player needs to walk the path from the lowest class of a hired “Garbageman” who pilots a drone to the owner of a space corporation extracting the resources from the dozens of its own asteroids! Gather an experienced and loyal team of the like-minded people and try to be ahead of your rivals!

The game events happen in 2053, when the extraction of the resources from asteroids floating near Earth became a usual business. The international space corporations fight against each other to become the owners of the available asteroids.

In the very beginning you will only own a modern space drone that can teleport between the asteroids, fulfilling the corporative missions. You will pilot this drone remotely, from a huge space base, making sure to upgrade it, install the new equipment and learn the new skills.

Also, you will need to solve multiple logical puzzles, look for the new weapon blueprints, buy or conquer the asteroids and turn them into the factories extracting the resources, sabotage the equipment on the asteroids that belong to the rivals and make it yours. Besides, you’ll need to destroy the empty asteroids that can collide with Earth and slaughter the dangerous flora and fauna on the “infected” asteroids.

If you decide to take a break from space battles and missions, you can stay at the base and challenge other players in mini-games – like drone racing, space soccer and many others. Or you can freely roam between the asteroids to gather the resources for upgrading your drone.

Demolition Sheep offers more than 80 story-driven missions and plenty of procedurally generated levels – asteroids that you can explore. Depending on the quests, you can play alone or in the co-op multiplayer mode.

Join the breathtaking chase after the space resources in Demolition Sheep!

Platform PC Mac Linux
Genre Action RPG Massively Multiplayer Simulation
Languages English Russian



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Demolition Sheep

Demolition Sheep is an Adventure/Action/RPG real-time multiplayer game with...

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