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Core Tactics

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  • Synchronous coop-pvp in intense deathmatches
  • Huge skill-cap in every mechanics, ability and character
  • Realistic visual style with guns, drones and mines
  • Two equal chars under control
  • Completely destructible surrounding

Core Tactics is multiplayer real-time battle arena where two teams fight each other to death. Every player controls two characters simultaneously. The team that kills all the enemies wins. If the warring parties don't kill each other before the time frame, then the winning team is one with most survivors.

Each character auto-attacks enemies in sight, and does so until their gun needs to reload. Above that, every character has a unique set of abilities, most of them OAE with friendly fire. The player tries to position their characters in such a way that they would be able to attack targets while not coming under attack themselves within reload time, to pin with one ability as many enemies as possible and to combine different abilities from different characters for maximum effect. And to prevent enemies from doing the same. And - in 2x2 - not to hinder his ally.

Each character brings something special to gameplay - OAE from auto-attacks, mining, travelling with jetpack or hook, scouting with drone, etc. -- in a significant way. Mastering these things, their combinations and match-ups empowers the game with the feeling of freshness and accomplishment even after hundreds of matches.

This all happens in a city-style environment. Characters shoot from windows, take cover behind walls, hide from enemies in the trees and destroy all these things with all kind of explosives. Throughout this battlespace players encounter different bonuses with instant buff effects, and experienced players plan their actions around such bonuses and their timing in a way similar to Q3 Arena.

Capt. Y.

Shoots hard but slow. Great defense nullifies most enemy attacks. Abilities easily compensate for low move speed and short attack range.

  • Jetpack ability - Jumps to target location and deals damage to all enemies in an area
  • Vacuum grenade ability - Slows and drags to the center point all targets in a large area. Damage grows per each target affected
  • Heal ability - Rapidly restores health


Unleashes a rain of lead on his enemies. Tries to choose low defense targets and doesn't forget to keep away from enemies during reload time. High move speed will help in that.

  • Frag Grenade - Deals damage to all targets in anarea
  • Flash Grenade - Reduces vision and attack range for all targets in an area. Also deals a small damage
  • Harpoon - Throws a harpoon. If it hits other characters, it pulls them to the Colonel. If it collides with geometry, it pulls Colonel to it. If an enemy character is affected, they also take damage


Shots from his rifle sting rather than kill outright, but highest mobility and attack range allows him to shot unpunished. Moreover, his abilities can make any shot lethal.

  • Stealth - Makes Night invisible for a short time. Can't attack enemies while in Stealth. Using other skills and attack order breaks Stealth immediately. After Stealth ends, a short-time massive crit chance boost is granted
  • Railgun - Fires a deadly ray that deals massive damage to all targets it goes through. Ignores Shield
  • Contact mine - Places mine that deals damage and briefly slows all the targets. Mine takes time to install and becomes invisible after that. Triggered only by enemies


Combining great attack range, high damage and AoE, plays artillery role most of the time. Be careful - low movement speed and total absence of defense won't let him stay alive for long in a hand-to-hand skirmishes. Equipped with:

  • Frag Grenade - Deals damage to all targets in an area
  • Freeze Grenade - Creates massive zone that slows anyone inside it
  • Scout Drone - Launch flying drone to target location. Richie can explode the drone manually and deal massive damage to all targets around it. Doesn't explode if destroyed.
Platform PC Mac Linux
Genre Action Strategy Shooter
Languages English Russian



xcr1991 - 6 months ago

I want it

Gabrial - 8 months ago

i want it !

Gabrial - 8 months ago

i want it

Gabrial - 8 months ago

i want it

Enzo - 8 months ago

Great game concept!

Offsetchain - 9 months ago

Im broke ;-;

Maks?1 - 9 months ago

i want it

Dvaedfug - 9 months ago

Возможно, будет неплохая "тактика", проголосовал "за" - а там видно будет

☀Naruto2002☀ - 1 year ago

Вижу игра крутой будет делайте быстрее

Asaay_diceblue - 1 year ago

I want

Barham Kamal - 1 year ago

I want this game ! for 5$ max

Cupar19 - 1 year ago

wow this looks amazing. I would be willing to buy it for around £6.99, but thats just my opinion.

ahmedov-cavid - 1 year ago

İ want it

JW_King - 1 year ago

I want this game !

seVen? - 1 year ago

I want it! <3 I will buy it for 5€ max.

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Core Tactics

Synchronous coop-pvp in intense deathmatches Huge skill-cap in every mechan...

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