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Caligo, is a first-person exploration adventure game.Often, stories end in the Main Character’s death. But in this story you’ll start with one. You’re dead. It doesn’t really matter how you died. What does matter is only one question which will be asked. And you’ll need to answer it. But first you’ll have to consider all the pros and cons.The gameplay consists of walking, hearing and exploring. This is a walk sim like Dear Esther and Leaving Lyndow, the games where atmosphere and story are the most important parts.Key features:A well-developed game worldLots of opportunities to roam and exploreA story which poses some tough questions to which there are no right or wrong answers.Unique locations with an unforgettable atmosphereVarious characters and storylines-------------------------------------------------------------------------Caligo это небольшое приключение сфокусированное на истории и исследовании.Об игре:Часто истории заканчиваются смертью своего главного героя, эта история с неё начинается. Вы умерли. Как и при каких обстоятельствах, теперь уже не имеет никакого значения. Значение имеет только один вопрос, который непременно будет задан. Ответ на который непременно должен прозвучать. Но прежде нужно оглянуться и взвесить все за и против.Ключевые особенности:Детально проработанный мирПростор для поиска и исследованияИстория ставящая сложный выбор, в котором нет правильного вариантаЛокации насыщенные индивидуальной, погружающей в себя атмосферойВстречи с различными персонажами и их историями

Platform PC
Genre Adventure
Languages English Russian



KSUHA - 9 months ago

woaw it's beautifull

NyαSαท - 1 year ago

wow dude that game looks awesome , i tottaly would buy it great job

hackfrag - 1 year ago

awesome! ?

Barboar - 1 year ago

Looks great, It's only game from orlyaccess what I really want try for now. Added to fav. ?

jacktheripper - 1 year ago

woaw it's beautifull

darksim - 1 year ago

Looks sharp. Hope to see this one on Steam soon!

Truper_ - 1 year ago

keep the good work!

HagureShinma - 1 year ago

Impresive! keep the good work.

:xenoIX | - 1 year ago

Nice !

Arv (owner) - 1 year ago

Thanks a lot! Sorry, but now it's closed game. But we are working hard to make release as soon as possible.

KingScorpion20 - 1 year ago

Amazing! A brilliant idea. Is there a beta testing open yet?

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Caligo, is a first-person exploration adventure game.Often, stories end in....

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