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Black Future '88

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Welcome to the retro future, where the technology is amazing but always breaks and misfires. Black Future '88 is a brutal cyberpunk roguelike where players must climb a procedural tower to kill its insane owner. Collect massively overpowered buffs and 100+ weapons to combat overwhelming enemies, and eventually die... horribly. You must balance your own curse stat and choose what you should leave behind as the tower will strengthen itself with items left on the ground. Original soundtrack by Tremor Low.Features: - A continuous procedural world built from 6 unique environments - 8 unlockable characters - 100+ weapons - 25 unique buffs - Online and local co-op - Deathmatch - Full controller support - Achievements and Steam trading cards - Original analog synth soundtrack - Hard: It's a tower that hates you - Infinite looping (NG+, NG++, ...) - Secrets - Branching paths and alternate 'win' conditions - Goth-show grade fog machines and lighting - FULL Steam support (Steam controller, SteamOS) - Mac/ Linux/ Win fully supportedThe tower is actively upgrading it's own traps based on the weapons and power ups you leave on the ground. You need to carefully decide what to take and what to leave behind. The tower has many surprises and secrets and may even rearrange itself and rooms that you've previously visited. Curses play a really important role in BF'88. Entering portals curses you, certain overpowered weapons curse you, some characters are just... cursed. You must carefully manage your curse state and find ways of absolving yourself to prevent the tower from creating super powerful enemies... or you can play a fully cursed character, welcoming their purple onslaught with your own overpowered weapons like the Night Nail and Gonnerator.To have any chance of surviving, you must master the flexible dashing mechanic. Some characters only dash forward, some can only dash upwards. Kill bosses to upgrade your dash to make it longer, faster, or move in new directions.Note: This game is not affiliated with the 'Black Future' the RPG/PBEM

Platform PC Mac Linux
Genre Action Platformer Music
Languages English



Banditodaburrito - 1 year ago

Looks like a great game, I would love to one to test it out.

Ayyup - 1 year ago


SHADOW DRAGON - 1 year ago

Do I have to buy the game to test it.

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Black Future '88

Welcome to the retro future, where the technology is amazing but always bre...

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