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An underwater lab is waiting for you at the bottom of the ocean. Here, female-like robots are created and tested.It’s a place where you can become a night lab assistant. Find the remote control to female-like robots and feel free to let you imagination go.Game features:Unbelievable underwater world deep in the ocean;A variety of female-like robots to control; The fate of these dolls depends on your choice.

Platform PC Mac Linux
Genre Adventure Casual Simulation Arcade
Languages English Danish Dutch French German Japanese Korean Russian Spanish

Alexey Glinskiy


Itachi - 4 weeks ago


Gibus - 3 months ago

Good Game for just messing around.Nice Job!

Nitram1980cz - 6 months ago

Looks great!

[PKN] PikeNote - 6 months ago

Looks great! Adding more options/actions to do is awesome! Maybe you can include some freedom, giving the player option to walk around than be anchored in one place. It would be nice. Overall, it is a great game from my point of view. It is a really nice game to casually spend some time on and mess around while you have nothing to do.

Jiery - 11 months ago

Nice game,please add Chinese,thanks

⭐CoJl9Pa™ - 11 months ago

Вау красиво

Vinizão - 11 months ago

Just do it!

Awsum bella <3 - 1 year ago

Yes please..

ajaykumardrb - 1 year ago

Looks New.

Baron Calamity - 1 year ago

Have custom skin colors.

Joseph Stalin CSGO500 - 1 year ago

Looks good, but in vr it would be better ;D

Alekv - 1 year ago

Interesting idea, i like it :)

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An underwater lab is waiting for you at the bottom of the ocean. Here, fema...

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