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A Lost Room

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A Lost Room is a Virtual Reality escape game. You're trapped in a apparently normal room, where you must find items and solve puzzles to escape.But not everything is as it seems. In the way, you may find hidden objects and writings, and who knows, maybe some secret passages?Something strange and hideous is crawling near the room. Will it get inside after some time? Are you going to make it out before that happens?A Lost Room is a small game, and consists of one room only, and will be part of a greater escape games series in the future, with many different rooms, settings, times and places.How fast can you escape?

Platform PC
Genre Adventure Puzzle
Languages  English

Cruel Byte


gvaudan - 1 year ago

Have to support french. Idealy text+audio...

Cruel Byte (owner) - 1 year ago

Hi SoulessSand! We're trying to get to Steam through Greenlight (the link for it is in the game's description!); as soon as the game is greenlit we'll upload it there, perhaps a demo too! Currently there are no plans of a PC point and click game, since all the objects and mechanics were positioned and designed for a VR game. But the storyline and mind-bending puzzles are definitely something we'll try to add!

SoulessSand - 1 year ago

Steam Demo available? Would be cool as a PC point and click game with a deep depth story-line and mind-bending psychological puzzles.

Cruel Byte (owner) - 1 year ago

Hello guys! About the cost, we're thinking of something about 5-10 dollars. And the plan for the future is to have multiple rooms, an entire house, different puzzles...but will probably be another, much bigger, game!

♠ Nathan Drake ♠ - 1 year ago

seems Ok, but could be better. Graphics of game is Absolutely No Go but the idea of the game is good

GopNicK - 1 year ago

+1 bout it cost. and may be you make full house neither room. sorry for my english - 1 year ago

Looks pretty sick!!, I would love to play this game. Btw how much will it cost?

Cruel Byte (owner) - 1 year ago

Hello WraithStudio! The game can be solved in about 30 minutes, but there are some people that reached almost an hour. Since it's only one room, the game is pretty quick, but the idea is to create a broader escape game, with multiple and independent rooms.

WraithStudio - 1 year ago

Looks like fun, how long this game is?

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A Lost Room

A Lost Room is a Virtual Reality escape game.

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