Test your next big game helped by the crowd.

No more developing in the dark πŸ€” - validate your game idea. Saves time, money, and a lot of headaches.



Present your game to over 300,000 registered gamers πŸ•ΉοΈ worldwide 🌎  and get real feedback πŸ’¬ .



The community can upvote πŸ‘  or downvote πŸ‘Ž   your game. Monitor your insights in the game dashboard.


Validate Ideas

Don't waste time on long development cycles with no customer feedback. Validate your next big game.


Crowdfund Steam Direct Fee

Fund your game on Orlyaccess and have the chance to get an Indie-Fund investment.

Create. Test. Improve.

Step-by-Step to the Steam Marketplace

cloud Crowd Testing

The power of the crowd in your hand

Present your game to the large Orlyaccess community. Let them vote, discuss and comment for your game.

Over 300,000 active gamers worldwide would love to try out your next game.

thumbs_up_down Voting

Greenlight is dead - long live Orlyaccess

With the end of Steam Greenlight indie developers will lose the possibility to present their game to a large community.
On Orlyaccess you can do it now - and it is FREE forever!

Get feedback from passionate gamers who would love to share their thoughts on your games and what aspects could be improved.

lightbulb_outline Validate Ideas

Don't waste your valuable development time and budget.

You don't trust your feelings about this feature? Prove it with real customer feedback.

It has never been easier to validate your game idea. Test your game mechanics, characters designs, level design, sounds or whatever you want.

bug_report Improve Quality

Improve the quality of your game

Let the crowd find bugs, errors or crashes. Test on different devices, operation systems and input controls.

Let the crowd check the basic functionalities of your game to determine whether there are any bugs, broken levels, spelling mistakes or any other errors that may negatively affect your users' experience.

monetization_on Crowdfunding COMING SOON

Crowdfund your Steam Direct Fee

With a finished game and a loyal community, you can start a selling your game on Orlyaccess. Fund the Steam Direct Fee and prepare your game for the large Steam Marketplace.

monetization_on Indie Funding COMING SOON

Every month the best game gets an extra investment from the Indie-Fund

Every month the best voted game getting gets an extra investment from our Orlyaccess Indie-Fund.

Who is behind Orlyaccess?

Orlyapps - an indie game studio from Germany!

Florian Strauß

CEO / Co-Founder

Christian Janzen

CEO / Co-Founder